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New Microsoft Edge Mouse Gestures Show up in Screenshot

Microsoft Edge is getting new mouse gestures for browser tasks, and 14 of those gestures have been shown in a screenshot.


Last month, I reported on working on bringing new mouse gestures to its Edge web browser. Those gestures are expected to land with the release of 112. Ahead of the launch of that version on March 14, a screenshot (below) of the mouse gestures of shown up online.

Found by a Chinese outlet, the screengrab shows 14 mouse gestures for Microsoft Edge. It is unclear if this is the full suite of just a selection. Each gesture is customizable, so users can assign the gesture they want to a specific action.

Users on like mouse gestures because they make tasks easier. Some browsers allow gestures such as holding the mouse button to swipe and perform tasks such as refreshing the page or switching between tabs.

For power users, mouse gestures have plenty of value as a productivity feature. Mouse gestures have been a popular request amongst users on feedback forms. According to today's leak, some Microsoft Edge users on the Dev Channel are testing the gestures.

Image: IThome

Upcoming Features

This is just the latest feature coming to the browser. In fact, Microsoft has thrown loads of tools at Edge over the years, making the most feature-rich browser around. I have been critical of that tactic, especially as many of the abilities have nothing to do with web browsing.

However, in recent weeks Microsoft has added new features that do make the browsing experience better. Alongside gestures, Microsoft has added its new Bing Chat as an add-on in Edge as part of a copiloting integration. Furthermore, I reported today that Video Super Resolution (VSR) is now available to upscale low resolution video content online.

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