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Microsoft’s Windows 11 Moment 2 Update Will Arrive in March

Sources claim Microsoft is preparing the Windows 11 Moment 2 update, with manual rollout in March and automatic updates in April.


It seems that is ready to launch its Moment 2 update in March. While this was the expected launch window for the Win11 22H2 update, a source tells Windows Latest that this is confirmed inside Microsoft.

Windows 11 Moment 2 is a feature update and Microsoft plans to launch it in the coming weeks. While a specific date is not known, it is probably due to arrive in mid-March. Microsoft will be delivering the release as a manual update at first.

The source claims this first stage will last until later in April when automatic updates will begin.

Windows 11 Moment updates are feature releases that will happen multiple times per year, with one big annual update. Moment 2 is expected in March, while we reported last month that Moment 3 is in development and ready to ship in May. It also emerged that Microsoft is planning a Moment 4 release that will become Windows 11 2023 Update this fall.

What's Coming

Among the features coming to Moment 2 are a new taskbar for tablet users and a modern system tray for it. Elsewhere, the update will add a search bar to the Task Manager, making it easier to find running processes.

Last week I reported that the update will also bring a fix for a long-standing file copy slowdown bug. A persistent bug that has been ongoing since October, some users with Windows 11 2022 Update are reporting file copy slowdown, usually over a network. Microsoft opened an issue for this problem months ago and initially claimed it was because of a Server Message Block (SMB) protocol flaw.

However, the company later reported that the problem was deeper in the Windows kernel.

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