Back in December, I reported that Microsoft is planning to roll out multiple Windows 11 Moment updates in 2023. The company seems to be living up to that commitment. Moment 2 is expected in March, while we reported this week that Moment 3 is in development and ready to ship in May. It now seems Microsoft is also preparing Moment 4 for later this year.

What is important about Windows 11 Moment 4 is that is could be Sun Valley 3 (SV3), or Windows 11 23H2. This will be the net major update and will be known as Windows 11 2023 Update.

Microsoft could already be looking ahead to Moment 4, which will double as 23H2. This is likely to be the final Windows 11 Moment update of 2023. If that is the case, Microsoft will have released three of these updates during the year.

The leak comes from XenoPanther on Twitter, who says there is an internal website that allows Microsoft Windows developers to share documentation for upcoming builds. It is too early to know what new features will come with Moment 4. Not least because Microsoft is still to release new tools in Moment 2 or Moment 3.

Windows 11 Moment Updates

Back in September, I reported on Windows 11 Moments. A new update strategy from Microsoft, Moments provide new feature updates more frequently instead of waiting for major builds. Following the release of Windows 11 2022 Update, Microsoft sent out Moment 1, including the much-anticipated File Explorer tabs.

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