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Windows 11 Gets Hidden Task Manager Search Tool

Microsoft is ready to preview a search function in the Windows 11 Task Manager, with a release in the Moment 2 update.


is announcing a new tool for the on . Following teases last month, the company is rolling out a search bar for the Task Manager. This feature is currently available in a limited capacity on the Windows Insider Program.

Specifically, it is hidden in a Dev Channel preview build so is not widely available. Insiders can test it, but at their own risk. It is part of the wider Windows 11 Preview Build 25231.

Microsoft initially teased the new feature last month when the company sent a tweet that suggested a new tool was coming to the Task Manager. The search tool will allow users to search through active processes from within the Task Manager.

Because the feature is currently hidden, you will need to enable it if you want to test it. However, it is unstable so may break Windows 11. In other words, use it at your own risk. If you're interested, you can install it.  

Moment 2

It seems likely this feature will become widely available with the Windows 11 Moment 2 update. That is probably going to launch in January 2023 and has recently shown up in an “accidental” Microsoft leak.

One new addition is the “Tablet-Optimised Taskbar” for when Windows 11 is in tablet mode.

When users enter tablet mode in Windows 11, they can select between two options: First is a state where the is collapsed and displays important status icons only. The second is an expanded taskbar that will make it easier to touch apps and icons.

Tip of the day: If you need to Create, Delete or Resize Partitions, Windows has everything you thanks to the built-in Disk Management-tool.

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