Yesterday I reported on Microsoft’s plans to include more features for folding PCs through Windows 11 updates in 2023. It seems like the company will have plenty of opportunities to roll out those features. Several reports suggest Microsoft is planning a host of Windows 11 updates for the new year.

These will be delivered under the Windows 11 Moment update concept. Back in September, I reported on Windows 11 Moments. A new update strategy from Microsoft, Moments provide new feature updates more frequently instead of waiting for major builds.

According to Microsoft watcher, WalkingCat, the company will deliver multiple Moment updates through 2023. The next of those updates will arrive in February or March and Microsoft will then launch its “Continuous Innovations” update in May 2023.

The First Moment update in February will bring tablet features. Specifically, a special taskbar for tablets that the company has been developer for some time. Following the first update, Microsoft could deliver up to three Moment feature updates throughout the year.


Yesterday it emerged those updates will developer more compatibility with foldable PCs.

According to Windows Central, the initial changes will be preliminary improvements, so it is unlikely users will see drastic changes at first. Microsoft will be laying the groundwork for future updates where more foldable-focused features become available.

One feature the report does discuss for Moment 3 is an overhaul of the Windows Search UI, and updates for native inbox applications. Folding PCs are not yet as popular as folding smartphones, but as the technology matures the price of models will fall and become more accessible.

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