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Windows 11 Will Reportedly Put More Focus on Foldable Compatibility in 2023

Microsoft is working on Windows 11 features for folding PCs, with the first additions coming with the Windows 11 Moment 3 update.


2022 was mostly a quiet year in terms of updates. Well, at least new feature updates. We had to wait until September to get the first feature upgrade, the Windows 11 2022 Update. However, while is sticking to that once-annual major release, the new Windows 11 Moment updates bring new features in the meantime.

It seems in 2023, at least a part of Microsoft's focus will be to make Windows 11 more compatible with foldable devices. While folding are increasing market share in the mobile industry, folding laptops are not really a thing yet.

However, that will almost certainly change and 2023 could be the year when foldable PCs become more common.

Microsoft sent out the first Moment update in November and a second is already in preview and will drop soon. Looking ahead to May and the Moment 3 update, Microsoft is working on a bunch of optimizations that will make Windows 11 more foldable-friendly.


According to Windows Central, the initial changes will be preliminary improvements, so it is unlikely users will see drastic changes at first. Microsoft will be laying the groundwork for future updates where more foldable-focused features become available.

One feature the report does discuss for Moment 3 is an overhaul of the Windows Search UI, and updates for native inbox applications. That may include – finally – the new Outlook email experience Microsoft has been working on for years. I expect later Moment updates in 2023 to bring even more tools for folding PCs.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2023 10:38 pm CET

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