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Microsoft Teams Rooms Gains More Seamless Whiteboard Integration

Microsoft Teams Rooms now integrates much more smoothly with the company’s Whiteboard app, including one-touch accessibility.


Another day and another feature. You can expect this to continue as has released over 450 new tools for Teams in the last year, more than one each day. The latest addition to the communication and collaboration app is better Whiteboard accessibility in Teams Rooms on .

Microsoft is it easier to access the Whiteboard app from Teams. In the past, users could only open Whiteboard from a Teams meeting and share the screen with other participants.

It is now possible to use a Teams Rooms display and touch a new Whiteboard button that is available on the home screen. This will open the Whiteboard in one click and works even if you are not in a Teams meeting.

It is worth noting this setting must be enabled by admins via the “Allow initiate Whiteboard” option. Elsewhere for Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams, users can now start a meeting from within a whiteboard. This is ideal because it means switching between online and offline whiteboards is easy.


Clicking the “Start meeting” button on a whiteboard will launch the online meeting where you can present your screen to other participants. It is also possible to add and remove participants from the collaboration. Furthermore, there is a Content + Gallery layout to make collaboration on whiteboards easier.

All these improvements to the Whiteboard experience a part of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android update 3  (App version: 1449/

Microsoft has also brought other major changes to Teams in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Microsoft launched Teams Communities. The goal of communities is to give users more abilities to collaborate, communicate, and create common projects with a community focus.

Yesterday I reported on AI file sharing suggestions coming to the app.

Tip of the day: The Windows Clipboard history feature provides the functionality across device, space, and time, letting you copy on one computer and paste the text days later on a different PC. All of it is possible via the Windows 10 clipboard manager, which lets you view, delete, pin, and clear clipboard history at will.

In our tutorial we show you how to enable the feature, clear clipboard history, and enable/disable clipboard sync to meet your preferences. You can also create a clear clipboard shortcut for quick removal of stored content.

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