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Microsoft Teams to Add AI-Driven File Sharing Suggestions

Microsoft Teams will soon show file sharing suggestions within chat, delivered automatically by artificial intelligence.


As always, a bunch of features are in the works for . Earlier this month, the company revealed it has rolled out over 450 new features to the service over the last year, a rate of more than one per day. Among the in-development tools is an integration between Teams and Outlook, while there is also a new AI model that will reduce sharing obstacles in Teams chat.

The artificial intelligence file suggestion feature in chat will allow users to attach and send files to contacts and other meeting participants more efficiently. It works like the suggested replies feature, which surfaces possible responses to messages in the chat.

With file suggestions, Microsoft Teams will use AI to detect in a conversation where it may be suitable to share files. When this happens, the AI will suggest sharing files to fit into the conversation.

When files are shown, users can then select the file that they want and send it with a single click, or choose no files at all.

This feature is currently in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and the company says it will launch in February 2023. Microsoft has a solid track record of delivering promised features to Teams, so we expect this tool will land on the app eventually.

Teams Communities

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched Teams Communities. The goal of communities is to give users more abilities to collaborate, communicate, and create common projects with a community focus. For example, committees, council meetings, parent-teacher associations, sports teams, and other community-focused groups.

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