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Microsoft Patches One AMD Ryzen Bug on Windows 11

However, the latest Insider bug patch update does not deal with a second Ryzen issue in Windows 11, but it does fix a Windows 10 taskbar bug.


At the end of last week, a leak suggested and AMD were preparing to roll out a fix for a Windows 11 compatibility bugs for processors. While the report pointed to a release this week, the companies were ahead of schedule and sent out the fix over the weekend (starting October 15). Well, at least a fix for one of the two issues. s

The fix is a part of  preview build 22000.282, which also includes fixes for other problems, including users seeing the Windows 10 taskbar. So, Microsoft is handling some of the most notable Windows 11 bugs in one update.

Of course, this is still a preview so it will not solve the issues immediately for users running non-Insider Windows installations. Still, the fixes should move swiftly through preview channels towards a wider release this week or next.


Two issues having been causing compatibility issues between Windows 11 and AMD CPUs.

First up, Windows 11 has been causing the L3 cache latency to triple when running on Ryzen processors. AMD points out this would result in performance drops between 3 and 5 percent on applications, while games could see a drop of up to 15 percent.

As for the other problem, Microsoft and AMD say there is an issue on Windows 11 with the “preferred core” tech used in Ryzen chips. This feature is supposed to move threads to whatever is the fastest core on the CPU. However, it seems this is malfunctioning on Windows 11 and performance issues could be the result for some users.

While the new patch does fix the L3 caching problem, it does not handle the preferred core bug. Microsoft is not saying when a fix for that issue will drop.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:18 pm CET

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