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Some Windows 11 Users Gets Windows 10 Taskbar and Broken Start Menu


Now that is on wide release, we will start to listen to about insects and issues as makes an attempt to roll out a significant platform to hundreds of hundreds of thousands of gadgets. Problems are inevitable, some might be severe and others will probably be minor bugs. We can report this newest Windows 11 drawback as a quirky worm.

Some users are reporting they are getting a hybrid experience of Windows 11 and Windows 10. Specifically, they are reporting they get Windows 11 however with the Windows 10 taskbar. This seems to be going down when users install the platform using Microsoft's Update Assistant.

If you might be unfamiliar with the Update Assistant, this can be a software users can access to do a clean install of Windows 11. This is for individuals who want a ground-up installation or don't wish to look ahead to Microsoft's staggered rollout to achieve them.

Reddit user Mastermind1703 posted a screenshot to show Windows 11 operating with the Windows 10 taskbar. It may be worth noting that the taskbar does no longer work in any respect in this install. While it could be easy to cry hoax, other users also are reporting the similar factor.

Start Again

There is no repair for this problem rather than to bin the install and start from scratch with a new set up. It is price noting Windows 11 is available as an ISO symbol, so downloading a contemporary install is not really a problem beyond being a bother.

Microsoft has no longer confirmed the issue or presented any fixes. We expect this is just the start, and a rather gentle malicious program, of Windows 11 problems which might be to come back.

Tip of the day: By default, probably the most used apps group for your start menu shows the six most ceaselessly used apps. However, you'll customize your Windows 10 Start Menu to exclude certain apps from the list or get rid of the most used apps section entirely.

Last Updated on February 17, 2022 10:45 am CET

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