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Microsoft Teams Getting New View Switcher Menu

The View Switcher menu will launch on Microsoft Teams this month, making it easier to switch between view options on the app.


Over the last two years, has been updating its service at a rapid pace. As the company seeks to keep pace with and better rivals like Slack and Zoom, Teams gets major updates every month. So, when something like a new View Switcher menu arrives, it is actually seen as a relatively small update.

Still, for users of Microsoft Teams the new View Switcher menu may be a valuable tool to have. Microsoft has announced the new feature and says it will gather all view options in Teams Meeting together in one menu.

Those options are Large Gallery, Together Mode, Gallery and more. Users can now access them in a dedicated menu found at the top left of a meeting window. In other words, they will be right in reach without users needing to shuffle through the navigation menu.

The feature is now listed on the Microsoft 365 roadmap with the following description:

“The new view switcher in the top bar of a Teams meeting allows participants to control how they prefer to see the meeting content. Choose between Together mode, Focus, Gallery at top, and Full screen.”


It is a small update that simply improves the usability of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft says it will begin launching the feature for some users by late October. The update will be gradual and reach all Teams customers by mid-November.

This is the latest feature to roll off the Microsoft Teams production pipeline. Last month, Microsoft introduced its Customer Lockbox tool on the app. Microsoft uses the Lockbox on numerous platforms and apps, such as Azure, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. It prevents Microsoft from accessing information when a customer is troubleshooting or servicing.

Tip of the day: Windows Aero Shake is a handy feature that lets you quickly reduce screen clutter with a shake of an app's title bar. Doing so minimizes all windows other than the one in focus, allowing you to focus solely on what's at hand. Another wiggle lets you undo Aero Shake, maximizing the other Windows again so you can continue working.

Unfortunately, the feature can also have unintended consequences. Those who move their windows about or have dual monitors may notice that they're accidentally activating Windows shaking. Luckily, enabling or disabling Aero shake isn't too hard.

Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:18 pm CET

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