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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 Promises Biggest Design Change in 8 Years

Microsoft is likely to overhaul its flagship product with the launch of the Surface Pro 8, including a ne design path for the product.


We are one day from Microsoft’s September 22 Surface hardware event. There is a lot to look forward to, including the launch of the Surface Pro 8. As Microsoft moves to the next generation of its flagship device, the biggest change in years is expected.

Yes, the launch means we are getting two new Surface Pro models in the same year. In January, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 7 Plus. This was a mid-generation update specifically for business users.

Over the years, Microsoft’s Surface devices have taken a design route that relies on incremental updates. While all Surface Pro devices are excellently made, look premium, and feel premium, telling generations apart is not easy.

With the Surface Pro 8, Microsoft is promising the biggest design changes since the Surface Pro 3. That device was launched back in 2014 and since then subsequent Pro models have followed a similar aesthetic. That will change tomorrow, while the specifications will also get a major overhaul.

In terms of the design, the Surface Pro X will serve as the reference for the Pro 8. That means rounded edges on the hardware, a new Surface Pen integrated with the Surface Keyboard, and much smaller bezels across all sides.

Let’s be clear, there are only so many ways to design a tablet. This will still obviously be a Surface Pro device with a Windows/Microsoft logo on the back, but it will be a big aesthetic shift.


In terms of specs, we recently reports the Surface Pro 8 could see Microsoft adopt Thunderbolt for the first time. Microsoft has traditionally used USB 3 and eventually made the jump to USB-C, finally, with the Surface Pro 7. However, the company has remained cool on Thunderbolt. Elsewhere, expect a better processor (11th gen Intel Core), better screen, and removable SSDs.

Alongside the Pro 8, it is widely expected the company will launch Surface Book 4 and Surface Duo 2, and maybe some surprises.

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