Microsoft has never jumped on board with Thunderbolt, often citing security concerns for not adopting the connection standard. However, Microsoft may be ready to finally embrace Thunderbolt when it rolls out its new Surface Pro 8 next week.

With its hardware focused event on the horizon (September 22), all eyes are on what devices Microsoft will launch and what changes will be made. It is widely expected the company will launch the Surface Pro 8, Surface Book 4, and Surface Duo 2, and maybe some surprises.

All these devices are probably going to be incremental updates on the previous generation. I hope that is not true, especially for the Surface Duo 2 considering the first gen of the Android smartphone had aspects that need attention.


According to The Verge, the Surface Pro 8 will get the usual round of spec improvements. So, expect a better processor (11th gen Intel Core), better screen, and removable SSDs. However, the report also suggests at least one Surface Pro 8 variant will get a Thunderbolt port.

Thunderbolt Adoption

Better late than never, I guess. Microsoft has form in this area, staying firmly behind the curve on USB Type-C adoption. Microsoft has traditionally used USB 3 and eventually made the jump to USB-C, finally, with the Surface Pro 7. However, the company has remained cool on Thunderbolt.

While Microsoft has stayed away from Thunderbolt, manufacturers the company works with have not. For example, major Windows OEMS like HP, Dell, and Lenovo all have Thunderbolt, which is considered one of the fastest ways to connect two devices.

Moving away from the Pro 8, Microsoft will also launch a Surface Book 4, which is expected to get a design overhaul for the first time. This could include a swiveling display mechanism Microsoft has been testing.

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