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Microsoft Office 2021 Launching Alongside Windows 11

Office 2021 will launch with Windows 11, while Microsoft’s Office LTSC latest release is now widely available.


If you want some of the benefits of the cloud based 365/ on premises, Office LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) is one option. It is one of Microsoft's non-subscription versions of Office, alongside regular Office 2019. Microsoft is planning to launch Office 2021 alongside next month, while the new Office LTSC release is now generally available.

Office 2021 will launch on October 5, the same day Microsoft rolls out Windows 11 to the masses. As always, this is the non-subscription version that is not based in the cloud and is geared towards consumers.

According to Microsoft, Office 2021 will be a single use licenses for a single PC or Mac device. The company says pricing will remain the same as the outgoing Office 2019.

As for the Office LTSC, it is already widely available and brings benefits to regulated scenarios. Like most LTSC release from Microsoft, Office will have five years of support. It is worth noting that is also the support window Microsoft is promising for Office 2021.

Moving to Cloud

Microsoft is increasingly focused on moving users away from on-premises solutions and into the cloud. That includes for Office. However, the company says it will continue to release perpetual versions while driving customers towards the cloud:

“While this will not be our last perpetual release, we continue to make investments that make it even easier for customers to adopt Microsoft 365. In early 2020, we released a device-based offering for Microsoft 365 that delivers a true user-based experience for organizations that rely on shared workstations.”

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:19 pm CET

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