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Microsoft Joins Apple in the $2 Trillion Market Value Club

Microsoft has become just the second U.S. company, behind Apple, and third overall to be valued over $2 trillion.


It seems it wasn't too long ago we were speculating whether could break the $1 trillion market cap. Of course, that milestone came and went and since then Microsoft has only seen continued growth. So much so, the company's market value has now topped $2 trillion for the first time.

A 1.2% share increase on the New York exchange yesterday sent Microsoft's value past the $2 trillion mark. By the close of the day the value had fallen a little below the number, but the stone is now cast. From here growth will likely continue to send Microsoft over the milestone permanently.

However, Microsoft is not a founding member of this club, instead becoming the third company to achieve the milestone. First was Saudi Aramco, which topped a $2 trillion valuation because in December 2019. Who said oil was not the money-maker it once was?

In terms of U.S. companies, Microsoft is still not first past $2 trillion as got the valuation last year.

Either way, first or third is hardly important because however you cut it, Microsoft continues to thrive. Much of the success has come from the tenure of CEO and the cloud-first path the company has taken.


Services like Azure have allowed Microsoft to enjoy steady and consistent growth for years. With the like to Office and Windows still doing well in enterprise, and even gaming is a money spinner.

Microsoft has been in arguably its most prosperous era ever. That was emphasized when the company brought in $100 billion revenue for the first time, topped a valuation of $1 trillion, and now the $2 trillion milestone.

In terms of rivals, Microsoft also went through the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed. This was something Nadella said the company was primed to do as the crisis first emerged.  

with its $1.8 trillion value and with its $1.6 trillion value are likely to be the next U.S. companies to join the $2 trillion club.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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