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Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

After winning a marketing award on Twitter, Microsoft has decided to reveal the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at E3 2021.


One of the memes that has followed the since the design of the console was revealed is that it looks like a fridge. Last year, leading to the launch of the device, sent out a tweet acknowledging the meme. That tweet ended up winning a competition which has now spurred Microsoft into creating real Xbox Series X mini fridges.

As Microsoft wrapped its E3 2021 event on Sunday, the company had a “one more thing” moment. Microsoft revealed an Xbox Series X mini fridge is launching this holiday season. According to the company, it will be “the world's most powerful mini fridge”. That probably means nothing in the world of fridges, but points to the Xbox Series X being the most powerful console.

In the trailer for the fridge, we can see the design sticks close to the Series X, complete with Xbox logo and green lights on the inside. It is powered by “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture” and can hold around 10 standard sized cans. Microsoft has not yet offered a specific launch date or price.

Microsoft and fridges hardly go together, so how did we get to the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge?

Successful Tweet

This is a story that starts back in 2019, when Microsoft revealed the square long upright box design of the Series X. Love or hate the design, it is clear the console is shaped like a fridge. Quickly this turned into a meme.

When Microsoft was ready to launch the Series X, the company sent out a tweet showing it had built a real full-size Xbox Series X fridge. This was a one off build to promote the console and have some fun with the fridge meme. The company also gave away the fridge to one lucky winner.

It turns out that tweet was nominated in the award category “Best of Tweets Brand Bracket,” for 2020 by Twitter Marketing. Microsoft reached the final where it was against Skittles in a fan vote to decide the best tweet.

Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, sent out a tweet promising Microsoft would build the fridge if people helped the company win the competition.

With the Xbox Mini Fridge now announced, you can probably guess how the vote went. Microsoft secured 50.5% of the 341,731 votes cast, narrowly edging out Skittles. And here we are, Greenberg and Microsoft are keeping the promise with their latest piece of hardware.

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