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Microsoft Drops Windows 11 Teaser Video Featuring Start Up Sounds of Older Windows Versions

A new Microsoft teaser points to a Windows 11 introduction through the start up sounds of Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7.


has dropped a teaser for its What's Next on Windows event for later this month, giving the clearest indication that it will announce at the event. In the teaser, Microsoft is showing a medley of all the Windows start up sounds over the decades.

You can hear the start up sounds for Windows 19, , and . However, they have all been reduced in speed an put on a “slo-fi” track that is 11 minutes long. It is hardly a soothing track and more like a cacophony, but the important thing here is what the teaser represents.

This seems an obvious nod to Microsoft introducing Windows 11 this month. Until now, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming event. Over the last week, we have reported on how there is evidence Windows 11 will arrive but there is also plenty to suggest Microsoft will continue with .

Last week, we reported that Microsoft's upcoming event next week will focus on a brand new Windows 11 release. I have argued there seems to be nothing coming to Sun Valley that is big enough to move to Windows 11.

Coming Soon

It seems my concerns are not unique as plenty of Windows 10 users have since taken to to agree. No-one believes what we know about Windows Sun Valley warrants a rebranding to Windows 11.

Microsoft arguably addressed those concerns earlier this week when it suspended Windows previews on the Insider Dev Channel. This could mean that the company is preparing new Windows 11 features to announce later this month.

With the new teaser, the Windows 11 rumor mill is gathering pace. We can find out exactly what Microsoft has planned at its event on June 24, 11 a.m. ET.

Tip of the day: When you boot Windows 10 it delays the launch of startup programs for ten seconds so your desktop and Windows services will have finished loading. If you want to speed up boot time, have a look at our tutorial about how to disable startup delay.

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