Last week, we reported that Microsoft’s upcoming What’s Next on Windows event next week will focus on a brand new Windows 11 release. However, this rumor has caused some confusion because the next Windows update does not seem important enough to warrant a new branding.

That build is known as Sun Valley, or what we thought would be Windows 10 version 21H2. We know the update will introduce features from the cancellation of Windows 10X and a new design, but is that enough?

At the moment, there seems to be nothing coming to Sun Valley that is big enough to move to Windows 11.

It seems my concerns are not unique as plenty of Windows 10 users have since taken to social media to agree. No-one believes what we know about Windows Sun Valley warrants a rebranding to Windows 11.

So, is Microsoft going to add features that would make that rebranding worthwhile? Well, those features would already be in preview on the Insider Channel wouldn’t they? Maybe not.

Preview Pause

Microsoft has now cancelled Windows 10 21H2 Dev channel previews for several weeks. Could these weeks be used to include Windows 11 features that will be revealed next week?

Microsoft writes:

“Over the next several weeks, we will be focused on releasing several cumulative updates on Build 21390. Having Insiders on the Dev Channel testing this will be of great help to us and we will be releasing updates as before very soon!”

It is all very confusing but either new features are coming and Windows 11 launches or the Windows 11 rumors are false and we will stick on Windows 10.

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