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Microsoft Store to Receive Design and Policy Overhaul for Windows 10 21H2

The Microsoft Store on Windows 10 will get a new design and policy changes in a bid to attract more developers and provide a central commerce hub for users.


Much is made of the app gap between the and rivals like the Google Play Store and the App Store. While has tried many things, there's little Microsoft can do to address the difference. However, the company make the Store at least look the part.

And that's what's going to happen in the near future, according to  . Microsoft is reportedly working on a revamp of the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Specifically, the store will get a slick modern design and some policy changes. So, this will be an update that will appeal to developers and end-users alike.

It's worth remembering that the Microsoft Store is more than just apps. It is also a storefront for Microsoft to sell services (Windows, Office, etc.) and hardware, including its own Surface devices.

In fact, the Microsoft Store is now more important than ever as it is the company's only retail offering. Last year Microsoft closed its physical store locations for good amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision followed the removal of global stores to focus on the U.S. market several years ago.

New Store Design

Microsoft would probably admit the Store is currently something of a failure. Certainly, it is not the central hub of the company's products it was supposed to be. Xbox has its own storefront, while Microsoft gives users other ways to download applications, such as the Windows Package Manager.

To solve this fragmentation, Microsoft wants the Store to become the one-stop-shop it was designed to be. Firstly, it will get a design overhaul to integrate visually with the changes Microsoft is bringing to Windows 10 Sun Valley (21H2).

Aside from dressing the Windows 10 Store in some new clothes, Microsoft is also changing policies. This is yet another attempt from the company to attract developers and increase the number of available apps.

Specifically, there are three changes coming:

  • Developers can submit unpackaged Win32 apps.
  • Win32 apps can self-manage updates through their own CDN (cloud distribution network).
  • Apps can bypass the commerce platform built into the Store with their own revenue systems. This means Microsoft will not get a cut of revenue.

Microsoft is expected to introduce these changes in the fall, alongside the release of Windows 10 21H2. Furthermore, the company apparently wants to add its own apps (Edge, Teams, Office, etc.) to the Windows 10 Store.

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