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Here’s Microsoft’s Windows 10X Running on a Surface pro 7 and M1 MacBook

Windows hacker XDeltaXForce has got the upcoming Windows 10X running on a Surface Pro 7 and here are the results.


leaked online recently, giving people a first look at the upcoming modular version of . Preview builds are allowing people to see what the platform looks like but have so far been limited to running in a virtual machine.

have been trying to get Windows 10X running on a device. It's worth noting this is a modular version of Windows 10, meaning it runs and looks the same across form factors. In other words, 10X looks and feels the same on a mobile device as it does on laptop or tablet.

One Windows hackers, XDeltaXForce has been successful running Windows 10X on a . While it's far from perfect, it does show how Windows 10X will look when running on a device.

He says the platform performs well and is functioning fluidly on the Surface Pro 7. Importantly, most drivers work, although he says the G-sensor does not, while the audio driver required a registry level patch.

XDeltaForce also says the battery performance is on par with the regular Windows 10 running on the device. If you're interested in Windows 10X, it is worth checking out the video showing the platform on the Surface Pro 7 (above).

Other Successful Runs

Another developer, known as Ben, managed to get 10X running on an MacBook with the new M1 processor. Considering the new Windows version is not built for Mac's, it runs surprisingly well on the new Apple laptop. Of course, that's partly because the M1 is an ARM chip.


first promised Windows 10X for a 2020 release, but now says it will arrive spring 2021. In December, the company sent out the finalized launch preview of the platform.

Windows 10X was firstly planned to launch with the dual-screen Surface Neo. Microsoft later said the Surface Neo has been postponed, although the company insists not cancelled outright. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to reevaluate the needs to customers. With that in mind, Microsoft said Windows 10X would debut on single screen laptops.

Despite being deep into development, we are still learning about new Win10x features. Last week we reported on an Anti-Theft Protection tool that will debut on the platform. Anti-theft Protection will provide a blanket of security on Windows 10X. Specifically, it will stop others from resetting the host device.

Tip of the day:

Did you know that a virtual drive on Windows 10 can help you with disk management for various reasons? A virtual drive is just simulated by the platform as a separate drive while the holding file might be stored anywhere on your system.

The data in the drive is available in files or folders, which are represented by software in the operating system as a drive. In our tutorial we show you different ways how to setup and use such virtual drives.

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