Microsoft has shifted its focus around the upcoming Windows 10X SKU. Specifically, the company postponed the dual-screen Surface Neo to focus on Windows 10X development for single-screen OEM hardware. Now, a first images of the platform running on a single screen has been discovered.

Spotted by Gustave Monce, the image shows the Windows 10X emulator running on a large screen. It is unclear what device the emulator is running on. What seems to be clear is it is not a Surface product but instead an OEM product.

Microsoft has now large screen Surface product in the pipeline aside from the Surface Book 3. It seems unlikely Windows 10X will be available on that hardware. One potential idea is that Windows 10X will simply become the default tablet mode for all Windows 10 devices.

Either way, it is clear Microsoft is focusing 10X on a variety of screen sizes. Windows OEMs will be able to use the platform on smaller tablets or larger laptops.

Dual-Screen Changes

As for the dual-screen capabilities of the OS, we will have to wait and see. Now that Microsoft has folded the Surface Neo back into development, we won’t see a dual-screen Windows 10X device for some time.

When Microsoft delayed the NEO, the company also stopped OEMs from releasing 10X hardware with two screens. It seems Redmond still has plans for the Surface Neo to eventually become the first dual-screen Windows 10X device.

The only question now is when that will happen. Looking ahead, a late 2021 launch for the Neo seems more likely. Luckily, we won’t have to wait that long to see 10X. The first OEM single-screen devices running the OS should arrive later this year.