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Windows 10X to Feature Anti-Theft Protection

Anti-theft Protection in Windows 10X is a feature that stops others from accessing a device without a PIN of Microsoft Account password.


Despite being announced in 2019 and spending 2020 in development preview, is still billing as “coming soon”. With a launch this spring, Windows 10X is nearing the end of the release road with a launch scheduled for this spring. In fact, we are still learning about this new OS, including a feature called Anti-theft Protection.

As the name suggests, Anti-theft Protection will provide a blanket of security on Windows 10X. Specifically, it will stop others from resetting the host device. This is important because it means thieves would not be able to re-use a 10X laptop.

Users will be required to enable this feature for it to be active. It also requires a Microsoft Account or PIN number to reset the device. In other words, the laptop is locked without these access credentials.

In recent weeks as Microsoft moves closer towards the release of Windows 10X, we have seen more features land on the modular version of Windows. Back in late December, the company brought Modern Standby to previews.

It is an evolution of Microsoft's Connected Standby idea, that first arrived with Windows 8.1. For , the tool keeps the PC in a low-power idle state that allows its to maintain connection.


With Windows 10X now available through a leak, Windows Central has provided a video walkthrough showing the OS in action on a single screen device:

Arriving This Spring

Microsoft first promised Windows 10X for a 2020 release, but now says it will arrive spring 2021. In December, the company sent out the finalized launch preview of the platform.

Windows 10X was firstly planned to launch with the dual-screen Surface Neo. Microsoft later said the Surface Neo has been postponed, although the company insists not cancelled outright. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to reevaluate the needs to customers. With that in mind, Microsoft said Windows 10X would debut on single screen laptops.

Tip of the day:

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