Earlier this year, it became apparent Microsoft was postponing the release of the Surface Neo dual-screen device. However, the company never actually confirmed this to be the case. At the time, Redmond’s product chief Panos Panay said the company was delaying the dual-screen Windows 10X experience.

By association, this clearly meant the Surface Neo, but Microsoft never officially said so. Well, that has changed, and the company has now update documentation showing the Neo is delayed. On the product page for the device, Microsoft has removed the part that says “Coming Holiday 2020”.

There is now no timeframe for when we can expect to see the Surface Neo. Microsoft wants to put a focus on Windows 10X and not the device. This means instead of rolling out the new Windows platform on the dual-screen Surface Neo, Microsoft will send out Windows 10X on single screen laptops made by OEMs.

Windows 10X remains compatible with dual-screen technology, but we won’t see any hardware examples. Microsoft has also said OEMs cannot launch dual-screen devices running the platform. It seems the company still wants the NEO to eventually become the debut device for Windows 10X on dual-screen devices.

Surface Dup Goes Ahead

If you have not been following the progress of the Surface Duo, it is worth reiterating the smartphone is not affected by the Neo’s postponement. Because the Duo runs Android, it is not subject to Microsoft’s initial push for Windows 10X as a single-screen platform.

In fact, it looks increasingly likely the Surface Duo will start shipping in August. Among the recent signs a release is imminent are the Duo reaching the FCC, getting support for Google Jetpack Windows Manager API, and Microsoft execs teasing both a case and Surface Pen for the smartphone.