Microsoft Surface Duo Now Supports Google’s Jetpack Windows Manager API

Support for the API could bring more developers to the Surface Duo because it offers more universal support for devices.

is continuing to ramp up its efforts ahead of the launch of the smartphone. On its Developer Blog, the company says the Duo now supports 's Jetpack Manager. Basically, this will mean developers can now use a cross-device API which will work on the Duo and other . This addition is possible because Google now allows dual screen devices to work with Jetpack Windows Manager. It is worth noting developers can code the APIs for the Duo and other dual/folding screen products like the Galaxy Z Flip. Specifically, dev's can tap into two API elements, device state and display features. Looking at the display feature API, this will give developers tools to manage disruptions across the screen surface. Remember, a device like the Surface Duo has a physical part separating the screens but can still perform as a single screen device. As for the Device state API, developers can use it for the device to know what state the hinge is. For example, is it closed, open, flipped, flat, etc. Interestingly, Microsoft already provides these abilities within the Surface Duo SDK. However, by adopting the Jetpack Windows Manager, the device supports a more universal API that will attract more app developers. Dev's who have been working with the Duo SDK can now opt to either continue or migrate their work to Google's service. At the moment the Jetpack Windows Manager remains in preview.

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Last week, the Surface Duo reached the FCC. All the movement around the device suggests Earlier this month, Microsoft leaked the Surface Pen and case accessories for the Duo. The pen was teased by Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President and Corporate Communications for Microsoft. Before that, Microsoft chief Panos Panay teased a bumper case for the Surface Duo.