Forgot Your Windows 10 Hello PIN? Here’s How to Remove and Reset It

Forgot your Windows 10 PIN? We show you how to remove and reset it from both the login screen and Windows Settings.

Windows 10 How to reset the login PIN

It's happened to the best of us. You boot up your PC, only to stare blankly at the log-in screen and realize that somewhere, at some point, you forgot your 10 PIN. Thankfully, this isn't as big a deal as you might expect. is aware that memory is fallible and has provided a way to remove and reset your PIN. We're going to guide you through it step-by-step.

How do Windows 10 PINs work?

is Microsoft's overarching term for its password-less sign-in options, including biometrics, but also the humble PIN. You can have a separate PIN for each device, which in theory makes it better than your Microsoft account password, but also makes it easier to forget.

Unlike a password, the Windows 10 PIN isn't transmitted anywhere – it instead unlocks an authentication key, and that's what's sent for authentication. This is often backed up by a hardware TPM chip. Unfortunately, all this means that if you forgot your PIN, you won't be able to recover it and can't reset it via the web. However, you can reset your Windows 10 PIN from your local device. We're going to show you how to remove your Windows 10 PIN and set a new one in just a couple of minutes:

Remove and Reset Your Windows 10 PIN from the Login Screen

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Though it can be easier, there's no need to sign in to Windows 10 to reset your PIN. Depending on your account security, you can use your password and a backup phone, email, or authenticator app to verify your identity from the lock screen. You should only use this method if you've truly forgotten your PIN. If you just want to change it, go to the second tutorial on this page.

  1. Press “I forgot my PIN”

    The Windows 10 log-in screen always displays the “I forgot my PIN” feature above the Sign-in options. Click it to start the process.

    Windows 10 - Login - I forgot my PIN

  2. Enter your password

    You'll be prompted to enter your account password. This should be the same as your Microsoft account/Outlook login. Type it and press “Sign in”.

    Windows 10 - Login - I forgot my PIN - Enter Password

  3. Verify your identity

    If you have two-factor authentication enabled for your account (and you really should) verify your identity via your chosen method. For us, it's a text message, but it could also be an email or from the authenticator app on your phone.

    Windows 10 - Login - I forgot my PIN - Verify your identity

  4. Enter your mobile number

    If you chose to receive a code by mobile number, enter the last four digits of the phone number associated with your account here and click “Send code”.

    Windows 10 - Login - I forgot my PIN - Verify your phone number

  5. Enter the verification code

    Type the code you received via text, email, or app, and press “Verify”.

    Windows 10 - Login - I forgot my PIN - Enter code

  6. Read the small print

    Microsoft will now warn you of the dangers of resetting your PIN. Long story short, you might have to sign in to your account again in various apps and you could lose data if that's managed by your organization. If you just want to change your PIN to be more memorable, check the tutorial below instead. Once you're happy, click “Continue”

    Windows 10 - Login - reset PIN - confirmation

  7. Choose a new PIN

    Now that you have removed your Windows 10 PIN, Microsoft will prompt you to choose another. Though you forgot it last time, it's still best to avoid anything obvious. Your day and month of birth, 1234, and 1111 are not good choices. For extra security, you can tick the “Include letters and symbols” box. Once you're happy, click “OK” and log into your account with your new PIN.

    Windows 10 - Login - I forgot my PIN - Enter new PIN

Reset or Change Your Windows 10 PIN from Settings

Time needed: 1 minute.

If you can still log in to Windows, resetting or removing it is even easier. As you still have to your OS via password, it's as simple as a few buttons in the settings menu. This is also the route you should take if you haven't forgotten your Windows 10 PIN and want to change it to something more secure and memorable.

  1. Open Account Settings

    Press “Windows + I” to open settings and click on “Accounts”.

    Windows 10 - Settings

  2. Click ‘Forgot' or ‘Change'

    In the accounts menu, select “Sign-in options” from the sidebar, look for “Windows Hello PIN”, click it, and click “I forgot my PIN”. If you still know your old PIN, click “Change” instead.

    Windows 10 - Settings - Accounts - Sign-in options - I forgot my PIN

  3. Read the small print

    If you're resetting your PIN, Windows 10 will now warn you that doing so may log you out of some applications and that you could lose some data managed by your organization. If you're okay with that, press “Continue”.

    Windows 10 - Settings - Reset PIN - confirmation

  4. Enter your password

    Type the password for your Microsoft account and press “Sign in”.

    Windows 10 - Reset PIN - Enter Password

  5. Enter your new PIN

    Choose a new and secure PIN, ticking “Include letters and symbols” if you'd like some extra security. Then click “OK”.

    Windows 10 - Settings - Set up a PIN