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Study: Nokia Has the Best Update Strategy on Android

New data shows Nokia keeps its smartphones on the latest Android updates more than rivals such as Samsung and Xiaomi.


was once the leading mobile phone company, back in the days of the feature phone. Since the advent of the smartphone, the company's popularity plummeted. Through a recent resurgence on following the ill-fated Windows Phone era, Nokia is making a name for itself again.

According to new information, Nokia is the best Android brand in terms of software security. Counterpoint Research found 96 percent of all Nokia smartphones sold since the third quarter of 2018 are running Android Pie or newer.

Because of the fragmented nature of Android, the latest versions of the OS are more secure, but only a limited number of devices are on those latest versions. Nokia seems to have a good record of ensuring its newest smartphones are up to date.


The data shows the company outperforms rivals Samsung (89 percent) and Xiaomi (84 percent). As with all companies, Nokia typically updates its most premium smartphones first, followed by mid-rage and budget handsets.

“Operating system and security updates are an aspect of Android smartphones that get relatively little attention,” said Peter Richardson, Research Director at Counterpoint. “In our experience researching the industry, we have seen a few brands focusing on this. And perhaps because manufacturers are not talking about it, consumer awareness is also low. It doesn't appear among the ten features consumers say they care about most, in our research.”

“Unsurprisingly, therefore, little effort is expended by the top manufacturers in focusing on regular updates to the operating system and device security, despite it being a critical element in the continued safe performance of the smartphone.

“Many of the key features including battery life, processor, camera and memory are linked to the performance of the underlying operating system. We believe it is important to the overall consumer experience and is likely to become more widely recognized as such.”

Smartphone Renaissance

No discussion on Nokia is really complete without a brief history lesson. As mentioned, Nokia was once the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. After missing the rise of Android, the company became 's Windows Phone jewel in the crown.

While Windows Phone never grew substantially, Nokia's Lumia devices kept the platform's head above water. So much so Microsoft decided to purchase the Lumia division and Nokia essentially became no more.

Once Microsoft smartphones aspirations went up in smoke, the Nokia brand returned under the umbrella of HMD Global. Since then the company has managed to carve a niche following on Android.

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Luke Jones
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