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Microsoft Goes on a Your Phone Hiring Spree as Cross-Platform Android Efforts Ramp Up

Microsoft is preparing to accelerate the growth of its Android-Windows cross-compatibility with the hire of 20 new members to the Your Phone team.


looking to significantly expand its Your Phone efforts with the hire of 20 new team members. The tech giant is looking for a senior program manager, software engineers, engineering leads and more as it focuses more generally of cross-device experiences.

“We are continuing to hire in a BIG way for our #YourPhone team focused on building cross device experiences,” wrote director of program management Vishnu Nath on Twitter. “Come join us as we are looking for (20+) Software engineers including managers and PM!”

Nath works on , Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft Edge, all of which are becoming more intertwined in the and Windows 10 ecosystem. Earlier in the year, Your Phone received support for notification syncing to the desktop, and some devices can mirror their screen entirely in preview functionality.

Android P Desktop Mode Incoming

However, as Microsoft works on bringing Android to Windows 10, is working on bringing it directly to the desktop. Developer builds of Android Q feature the ability to connect an Android phone to your monitor and use it like a PC. For users with few requirements, this could prove preferable to a fully functioning desktop, but Your Phone is likely better suited for serious productivity.

Generally, though, this type of cross-compatibility has been a long time in coming. One of the major advantages of 's ecosystem is near-seamless cross-connectivity between devices. Due to the shared ownership of iOS and macOS, as well as the small surface of devices it covers, it's much more feasible.

Microsoft's work in this regard could go a long way towards closing the gap, though, and could convince some users to finally upgrade from Windows 7 or 8. Still, there's a lot of work left to do. Screen mirroring desperately needs to support more devices, while the ability to interact with notifications still isn't present. With hope, the new team members will accelerate Your Phone's progress while bringing some new ideas.

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