Microsoft is working on expanding its overhaul of the Xbox Live experience. A year after rolling out its Xbox Live Avatars, the company is reportedly working on a new Gamertags and Profiles experience.

Windows Central reports Microsoft wants its Xbox Live Gamertag solution to become more flexible. The idea is for Xbox One users to have freedom to use any username by simply placing a hash number at the end.

In other words, users will no longer be restricted if they select a username another person has already selected. Instead, random numbers will be assigned at the end of the name as its individual identifier.

That is good news for users who were not lucky enough to grab the username they wanted. Microsoft has also made a change that is going live today. The company says Xbox Live users can now change their gamertag once at no charge.


Microsoft is also considering changes to its Xbox Live profiles. Specifically, the company will let users add games to their profiles from non-Xbox sources, such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Up until the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, users could only list Xbox games on their profile.

The Anniversary Update introduced the ability to list Windows 10 PC games on profiles. According to reports, an upcoming update will allow new users to also include non-Microsoft affiliated games.

Windows Central says it has viewed concepts of the new profile system and claims it looks like the old MSN profiles Microsoft used to employ.

It seems Microsoft wants Xbox Live to become a one-stop gaming hub that extends beyond the confines of Xbox One or even Windows 10. The company will host its E3 2019 briefing on Sunday, so we hope to see some details of this overhaul during the event.