Google Seemingly Shutters Project Campfire Windows 10 Dual Boot for Chromebooks

Despite a flurry of Project Campfire development last year, Google has opted not to move forward with Windows 10 dual-boot on Chromebooks.

For most of the last year, 's much discussed Project Campfire has been an interesting topic. The development would bring a dual-boot solution to laptops that would allow them to also run . While has definitely been working on Project Campfire, it now seems the plan has been killed off.

As we have reported previously, Google was testing the dual-boot capability on a Pixel Book. Currently the device is codenamed Eve and could eventually be released. It is also likely dual boot would have been available on other Chrome OS laptops.

Google originally called the project “Alt OS” but later changed it to simply “Dual-Boot”. Part of developing the feature has been to pass 's regulations and rules that allow a company to include 10 on their devices. Development was advanced enough that a release seemed likely this year.

However, comments on Chromium OS now suggest Project Campfire has been depreciated. About Chromebooks reports this was no kneejerk cancellation. Instead, Google has been assessing the development over recent months.

Development Stopped

The report says while Google went full steam ahead on dual-boot development through the latter stages of 2018, further work in 2019 has been close to non-existent. Perhaps that 2018 development showed the project was not viable or necessary?

That's a shame because a dual-boot capability for 10 on Chromebooks would have been an interesting feature. It would have put 's own Windows OEM laptops under pressure by eliminating some of the issues 's face through their Chrome OS exclusivity.

It's certainly not unusual for Google to kill a project deep into development, and Project Campfire seems to be the latest victim.