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Google’s Windows 10 Running Pixelbook Gets Closer to Reality

Google’s rumored dual-booting Pixelbook is likely to arrive as the company has changed the codename of the project to something obvious.


Over the course of this year, there have been plenty of rumors about 's planned dual boot support for the Pixelbook. The latest report regarding the mooted feature suggests Google is indeed working to allow its laptop to run Windows alongside Chrome OS.

Mountain View is said to be developing the ability under the codename Project Campfire, which is also known as “AltOS”. Of course, “AltOS” means alternative operating system, which was already hint enough.

Windows Latest reports Google has renamed “AltOS” to something even more obvious. The new name for this project is simply “dual boot”. We guess that's as on the nose as possible and all but confirms Google is working on dual-booting two .

Dual-boot to Windows 10 has been predicted to come to the Pixelbook 2, which still seems likely. It seems Google is taking the feature seriously and will also bring it to its Project Nocturne Pixel Slate. This is the company's Chrome OS packing tablet, which will likely also get Windows support.

Google's desire to dual-boot to Win10 will depend on passing 's certifications. This far into development, it is likely the device will pass the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK).


In terms of the Pixelbook 2, we reported last month how Google is looking to further inspiration from Microsoft. It is believed the next iteration of the laptop will borrow from the Surface range and be a true 2-in-1.

This would mean the screen can be detached from the keyboard, allowing the device to be a tablet PC or a full laptop. Microsoft has been doing this for years with the Surface Pro range.

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