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Build 2019: Microsoft to Ignore Windows Lite and WCOS While Ending Andromeda Plans

Microsoft will apparently host Build 2019 next week without any discussion of major Windows plans such as Windows Lite.


's conference is about to get underway next week. As usual, we expect Microsoft to touch on most areas of its business, including Azure, Office, open source, and of course Windows. However, in terms of the latter don't expect any earth-shattering moments at Build 2019.

According to Tom Warren from the Verge, Microsoft will be making no major Windows-related announcements at Build. That means we can forget hearing about WCOS, the rumored Windows Lite, or .

Warren also drops some added information by claiming , Microsoft's Windows OS for folding screens is dead.

Earlier this year, we reported Microsoft is developing Windows Lite under the codename Santorini. It is worth noting the company has offered nothing official on this development. While Windows Lite will have a smaller footprint than the main OS, it's not designed to be lesser in any way. The plan is to optimize and cut features that aren't necessary, giving users more choice what takes up their valuable hardware space.

It seems Build 2019 may simply be too soon to offer any meaningful details.


Andromeda was the underpinning technology behind the rumored Surface Phone. One of the core selling points of Andromeda will be its ability to run a full Windows 10 desktop experience with Win32 app support. This would help Microsoft bridge the app gap it has faced on mobile before. Essentially, a user could download any app they wanted easily.

On a smartphone, this would essentially mean a full-blown PC in your hands. That's what makes the concept of a dual-screen Surface Phone so appealing.

While we hope Windows Lite and Andromeda are still a part of Microsoft's plans, we seemingly won't be seeing them at Build 2019.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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