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Microsoft To-Do Gets Planner Integration in Latest Beta Update

Microsoft To-Do users are now able to access assigned Planner tasks via a new list. After linking the apps, 'Assigned to Me' will automatically populate with the latest additions.


A beta update to To-Do's Android app has debuted deep Planner integration in the app. Users who utilize both services will be able to see the tasks they're assigned in Planner on their personal To-Do list.

To accomodate the feature, the app creates a new ‘Assigned to me' list. This seperates the tasks to avoid crossover or confusion. Naturally, users require a work or school subscription to make use of Planner, and must opt-in to the integration. To save annoyance, it doesn't populate without the user's consent.

As usual the build also comes with a number of bug fixes:

  • “Ensure cursor position is at the end when editing multiple steps
  • Autosave steps when tapping dates/other steps
  • Do not change reminder time when a recurrence is added
  • : Scroll search results as user gets to the bottom of list
  • Ensure Flagged setting is shown correctly after confirmation dialog is dismissed
  • Sign out state after last user signed out”

Original Annoucement

Microsoft revealed its goal of Planner integration last month to OnMSFT. At the time, the company said it had the functionality up and running, but was still testing it internally. Earlier in the month, it accidentally released patch notes for the build early, tipping off users.

Planner has recieved several other updates this year as it continues to compete with Trello. The workplace management app recieved multiplan support in late January. This let users add more than one plan to a single group, and was a useful improvement.

Earlier in January, Planner released for US Government customers, but it's still working on porting all the features across. Given the security implications, it seems unlikely that variant will get To-Do integration any time soon.

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