In terms of the evolution of Microsoft To-Do, it seems the company is kicking off 2019 as its closed 2018… with a bunch of updates. Throughout last year, Microsoft showed its task management service plenty of love. Starting this year, the company has sent out an update for To-Do on Google’s Android platform.

It seems the latest Microsoft To-Do release is focused on fixing some issues with the app. However, there are also some new abilities. For example, Microsoft has added more snooze options, allowing more control over the snooze time.

This snooze feature was first announced back in December and has been in preview since. Elsewhere, Microsoft has added a new design for the My Day section. In this area, suggestions will now pop up, allowing users to more easily add them to tasks.

Microsoft To-Do on Android now also boasts a tweaked color for the avatar and date. The company points out the previous hue did not sit right when the app was in dark mode, hence the change. As usual, a full changelog has been provided:

  • We’ve improved our snooze reminder options. Now you can choose from between 5 mins (‘need a coffee’ snooze) to 1 hour (‘need lunch first’ snooze).
  • You may have noticed that the avatar & date were looking a little out of place in dark mode. We’ve changed the color, so they blend into their new environment.
  • We’ve changed custom weekly repeating—it now includes the current due date as an option.
  • We have a brand-new look in My Day. Suggestions will now pop up, so you can quickly add today’s tasks

Much Done on To-Do

As mentioned, Microsoft has really been throwing the kitchen sink at To-Do over the last year. Microsoft has integrated Cortana into To-Do and made changed to its Planned lists features. In recent months, To-Do has gained some interesting features. Microsoft has added this year are Hashtag support, recurring tasks on iOS to Shared Lists and a Star Rating system.