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Microsoft To-Do Finally Gets Custom Snooze Options for Tasks

Microsoft To-Do for Android has received support for custom snooze timers, as well as several important bug fixes.


There are plenty of good reasons to avoid snooze options in Microsoft To-Do, but in the end, the customer is always right. A year after the feature's request, the company has finally implemented it.

The latest version of To-Do has a custom snooze option that should address demands. Version 14.5.98 for contains the addition. Here's are the full changelog:

  • “[IMPROVEMENT] Custom snooze options
  • [FIX] Accessibility: Do not announce due date added when picker is open for the first time
  • [FIX] When we select a reminder and there isn't a due date, set the due date to the reminder day.”

It's not clear if the iOS app also got this feature, though it did receive an unrelated update today. It involves a fix for the moving ‘Done' button and others that are “too fiddly to mention”.

Still Behind Wunderlist

Unfortunately, though To-Do has received a ton of improvements in recent times, it still hasn't reached feature parity with the company's acquisition, Wunderlist. Though To-Do is designed to be a more minimalist version, it's also missing some essentials.

Though the app introduced shared lists in June, it still doesn't have the ability to attach files. It's also lacking some organization features, such as the ability to group multiple lists or add them to folders.

Microsoft is working on solutions for several of these, as well as natural language support, Microsoft Launcher integration, and synchronization issues. The app is definitely showing a lot of potential but progress has been too slow to sway many users of other apps.

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