Microsoft is really pushing ahead with development of its To-Do task management service. The company has rolled out yet another update for the app, this time for Windows 10. With the latest release, the Win10 version of the app moves to version 1.38.

This is another feature-rich update. Most notable of the additions is support for hashtags, which can be used in titles and in notes. Microsoft says it has also made it easier for users to manage their accounts. A new option in the account menu allows users to fix issues with the service.

As always, the company is also asking for feedback and requests for future features. The full changelog for To-Do version 1.38 is below:

  • Do you use #tag to keep your activities perfectly organized? Then you will be happy to know that we now support #tags in the notes, as well as in the title of the activities.
  • Have you had problems synchronizing your account or have you encountered strange error messages? With this update we have added the option to correct your account directly in the account menu, making it easier to resolve these issues.
  • Do you have an idea or a suggestion? Go to our UserVoice forum: . And if you need help, visit . We would like to hear your opinion.

Recent Boost

Microsoft has been ramping up support for To-Do in recent months. Earlier this year, the company stressed the difficulty of transitioning Wunderlist into To-Do. Wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft in 2015, but the company wound it down and decided to make To-Do its core task management service.

It seems the company has had a breakthrough since then, as features have flowed across platforms in recent months.

From recurring tasks on iOS to Shared Lists and a Star Rating system, To-Do is becoming a very useful tool.