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Microsoft M12 Invests in HYAS to Help Catch and Prosecute Cybercriminals

HYAS uses billions of datapoint per day to both track security threats and find their source. Microsoft's investment follows a slew of security-related ones of the past two years.


has lead series A funding for startup HYAS, which raised $6.2 million for its solution. With its software, HYAS focuses on catching cybercriminals rather than just stopping them, describing it as ‘X-ray vision'.

It received investments from the venture fund, as well as Startup Capital Ventures, 205 Capital, Wesley Colver, Tim Eades, and Tom Noonan. With the huge rise in large-scale cyber attacks from Russia, ransomware, and more, the company is looking to put attackers on the back foot.

“Every industry professional today is facing unrelenting adversaries,” said Hyas founder Chris Davis. “At Hyas, we have dedicated ourselves to helping them finally put their attackers on the back foot. Our Comox platform allows enterprises to see the unseeable.”

1 Billion Data Points a Day

HYAS was formed in Canada in 2015. It Comox solution pulls over 1 billion data points every day, including 100 million DNS queries and a decade of historically indexed data. It then uses Geo IP location to provide ‘doorstep accuracy' of attackers, as well as using its unique data to determine digital fingerprints.

For the unfamiliar, Microsoft M12 was formerly known as Microsoft Ventures. The company didn't make a statement on its investment, but it does have a long history with HYAS' founder. In 2011, Microsoft named Davis one its ‘Digital Crime Unit Global Heroes' for his efforts taking down the widespread Mariposa botnet.

It's far from the first investment the company has put into cybersecurity startups. In the past two years, it led funding in Synack Security, Illusive Networks, Team8, Contrast Security, and more. Its move toward general investment rather than startup acceleration seems to have given it greater freedom, but security remains a huge focus.

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