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Xbox Live Avatars Now Available After Several Delays

Microsoft has announced Xbox Live Avatars are coming to Insiders today, ending several delays for the new customization tool.


It seems we have been awaiting 's new Xbox Live Avatars for a long time. At E3 last year the company revealed the avatars will be equality-minded and would launch in 2017. However, in November Microsoft announced the Live Avatars were delayed. While the promise of an April launch passed, the company has now rolled out the new feature.

Specifically, Xbox Live Avatars are launching today for Xbox Insider Program users. As always, this means they are in preview for Insiders to test and provide feedback on. As you may know, the new avatars allow users to customize their online character in more ways.

Among the customizations are animations, clothing, props, and body types. As announced last year, Microsoft also included wheelchairs and other mobility aids. In terms of creating an avatar persona, the system lets users change the face, body, makeup, hair, limbs, moods, and more.

“The new Xbox Avatars are built from the ground up in to enable an unprecedented amount of inclusive customization options, and we will continue to grow these selections over time.

 A wide range of body types and gender-neutral clothing enable you to uniquely tailor your avatar however you see fit.  If you see something you like, you can use it.”

The avatars will have a bigger accessibility focus, with the option for prosthetic arms, wheelchairs, pregnancies, and more.


Microsoft will also open an avatar store where people can buy extra accessories, clothes, moods, and items from popular games. Bradley Rossetti, head of the Xbox Insider Team, says the company has activated the editor and more features will come soon:

“Right now, we're only turning on the Avatar Editor itself, but Xbox dashboard integration will be coming soon to Insiders.”

Luke Jones
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