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Microsoft Makes Xbox Live Avatars Gender Neutral in System Overhaul

In a push for freedom and diversity, Xbox Live avatars can now be created however the user likes. Microsoft has also made the characters look better and has introduced a myriad of new customizations.


had plenty to get through during its pre- live briefing on Sunday. The Xbox One X was the focus of the show, but at E3 the company has plenty more to discuss. For instance, Microsoft has announced a significant overhaul of its avatar system.

The company says it has recreated every user's avatar through the Unity engine. This will allow for more customization features, which will be added later in the year. Microsoft says the available changes will allow users to better represent themselves on Xbox Live.

For example, users will be able to create avatars with baby bumps and prosthetic limbs. All the new features will go live in the fall and will include many new props and options. The company clearly believes that users embrace their avatars and want them to reflect changes in their lives through the Xbox Live personality.

A significant point of the changes is that future customizations and features will all be gender neutral. It you want to put your guy in a dress, you can. It is a welcome change that allows users to truly feel free to be themselves.

Microsoft introduced the new abilities during its Xbox Daily stream at E3 2017. You can check out the video above as a lady avatar appears with a prosthetic arms and myriad other customizations.

Among the incoming props are vehicles, new outfits, body types, moods, emotions, and accessories. Microsoft says it has upgrade the Unity engine, so users will also see their avatars graphically represented in a way they have never been before.

Microsoft's Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb presented the changes during the stream. He said the company wanted to bring flexibility to Xbox Live and offer diversity to users.

Xbox at E3

Of course, Microsoft's E3 2017 has been dominated by the launch of Xbox One X. The most powerful console ever is 40% more potent that its nearest rival, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One X on Sunday and it has been the star of E3 this year. Alongside the console, the company also revealed strong developer support out of the gates. Microsoft highlighted an unprecedented 43 titles on stage during the live event.

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