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Reports: iPhone X Plus to Release This Year alongside Two Other Handsets

The iPhone X Plus will allegedly have a 6.5" display but the same footprint as an iPhone 8 Plus. Meanwhile, cheapers options will be available in the form of a refresh and an bezel-less LCD release.


The rumor mill says we'll be getting three new iPhones this year. One upgraded , a 6.5″ bezel-less device, and a less expensive alternative.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, is looking to appeal to those who want a cheaper version of the iPhone X, while also appealing to the phablet and productivity crowd. He says Apple is already running production tests and plans to announce the new phones this fall.

Despite its screen size, the “iPhone X Plus” will allegedly have the footprint of an iPhone 8 Plus. The edge-to-edge nature will grant it an inch of extra screen space, while still retaining a good resolution. People familiar with the matter say the phone, codenamed D33, has prototypes at 1242×2688, with plans for OLED displays.

The phone, as well as the upgraded iPhone X (D32), will house a next-generation A12 processor and will have stainless steel edges. Sources also report a gold color option for the D32, though this isn't set in stone.

An Affordable iPhone X

However, many users will be more interested in Apple's cheaper option. Last year, it released a regular iPhone alongside the iPhone X, which appeared dated next to Android offerings.

This year, it will keep the iPhone X's bezel-less display but will come with some compromises. According to Bloomberg, the phone will have an LCD screen instead of OLED, with alumininum edges and a glass back.

The specs of the device aren't yet clear, but it's likely there will be some compromise in that area, too. Naturally, it will support Face ID and will still have that famous notch.

In terms of operating system, Gurman says there will be upgraded AR capabilities, as well as Siri upgrades, digital health monitoring and Animoji's in FaceTime. Apple is also considering dual-sim options, but it hasn't made a final decision yet.

If the rumors are true, Apple should make most of its customers happy this year. Previously, users balked at the choice between a $1200 price tag and an outdated iPhone 8 clone.

However, it also makes it clear that the fingerprint sensor is gone for now. There's no mention of an under-screen alternative or back sensor, which will be a dissapoinment to many.

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