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Microsoft Listens to Outlook.com Users and Brings Back Skype Integration

After removing Skype from the new Outlook.com beta, Microsoft has returned the integration, albeit with limited features at the moment.


Back in August, launched a revamped , which has been in beta since. However, while the new webspace offered a more modern experience, Microsoft removed an important feature. Namely the integrated support which allowed Outlook.com users to access Skype features directly in the service.

It was a powerful feature that Microsoft felt was surplus to requirements. The company was wrong as Outlook.com users have since made bringing back Skype integration their number one request.

This week, Microsoft is finally listening to users and bringing Skype integration back. Once again, a button for the service sits on the top bar and brings core features like messaging.

As this is a new Outlook.com experience, the Skype integration looks and feels different. Chats are limited to just contacts, while one major previous feature is not available. Before the removal, users could make voice and video calls, but that ability has not been reintroduced.

It is also not possible to change status, so you will always be online. However, a new feature allows users to have multiple chats open at the same time. Regarding the missing abilities, Microsoft says updates will be coming in the future:

“More improvements to the Skype integration will come in the future, but for now, please enjoy the upgraded Skype chat experience,” Microsoft says in a note on the Outlook Feedback website.

To see the Skype integration, you will need to be on the Mail section of Outlook.com. There is no way to turn this feature off, but you can mute notifications from Skype.

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Luke Jones
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