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AdDuplex Report: 53% of Windows 10 Users Are on the Fall Creators Update

AdDuplex data suggests that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the most popular version just two months after its release. The adoption rate is almost double the previous Creators Update.


It's never certain that users will be encouraged by the features of Windows updates, so 's latest report is very good news for .

According to its data, 53% are running the Fall Creators Update (FCU), making it the most popular version just two months after release. Comparatively, the previous Creators Update  (CU) launched in early April and reached 50% on July 16.

The statistics also reveal the market share of other versions. The Creators Update is still on 33.7% of devices, while the second most popular version is the Annervisary Update at 10.5%. Essentially, the percentages go in order of release, which you may expect, but isn't always the case.

Source: AdDuplex

, for example, is still more popular than 10, despite its age. People tend to stick with the path of least inconvenience. The highest adopter of the FCU is Finland, which sits at 67.4%. US adoption is at 5.69%, while Canada is at 61.6.

Most Popular PC Brands

On the topic of regional differences, AdDuplex has also broken down the most popular PC brands in different markets. In the US, HP and Dell seem to dominate, with 33 and 28%. Lenovo comes in third at 10%, while Toshiba just beats out Asus with 5.7% versus 5.2.

Outside of the US, Dell's influence begins to wane. In EU5, it makes up just 5.5% and is close to non-existent in Russia, but gets a healthy 25.9% in India. HP, meanwhile, seems to dominate every market other than Russia, where MSI makes an appearance at 3.7%.

Source: AdDuplex

Of course, the data is somewhat skewed due to its collection methods. AdDuplex gets its data from around 5,000 Store apps, so it doesn't cover Windows 7 PCs or those who simply don't use UWP.

Still, it's an interesting look at the data and highlights just how rare Windows Insiders are. Redstone 4 accounts for 0.4% of all installs, less than the number who have never updated.

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