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Did Microsoft’s Surface Phone Just Turn Up on Facebook?

A new graphic from an official Microsoft channel shows a device that could be the Surface Phone. However, call us party-pooper, but we are sceptical.


The has been something of a mythical tech device. First rumoured years ago, is reported to still be developing the smartphone. Most “leaks” turn out to be nothing, but a new find adds arguably the most concrete pointer to the Surface Phone yet. However, there are still some caveats.

A graphic has been published on the page (it also dropped by Twitter), which you can see below. The image seems to show a folded screen device, something the Surface Phone has often been rumoured to have.

Before pouring icy water on the fire, let's discuss the image itself. It is very unlikely that Microsoft is using a product made up on the spot. In other words, this is a real design for something. Whether that's a concept hardware or a prototype, or a product that will never make it to release.

That hinged design seemingly showing a folded screen is also very interesting. Microsoft has been rumoured to be working on such a product as it attempts to bridge a gap between mobile and enterprise.

CEO Satya Nadella has said the company's next foray into the mobile hardware space will be with a device that is unlikely to look like a smartphone. With all that in mind, the image certainly presents an exciting possibility this is the Surface Phone.

True or False

However, I should put some serious doubt on whether this is the much-anticipated device. If you have read my previous reports on Surface Phone, you will know I am one of the doubters.

Basically, the phone has been “in development” for so long that it could not possibly exist as a single device. Instead, I think the Surface Phone became a concept name for Microsoft's game-changing mobile device.

For what it's worth, I do believe the company will announce that handset within the next year. Sadly, this is probably not it.

Starting with the obvious, the device in the image looks too clunky. Plenty of reports have said the person in the photo is using the device like a phone. I disagree, it looks like a tablet in portrait mode. Again, this could be an early prototype, but this looks to be too big for a smartphone. It is also not particularly attractive.

Perhaps this is a tablet version of what the Surface Phone will be? As always, we want to see what you think about this, so drop us comment below.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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