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Microsoft Rewards Members Get Up to 1,000 Free Points for Service Downtime

Users of Microsoft Rewards are getting the gift as an apology for the service being down last Saturday and Sunday. Microsoft has confirmed the outage and is making amends.


Over the past weekend, Rewards members found that the service was down. They took to Reddit to voice their complaints, stating that during this down time rewards would not be counted. Today, Microsoft has admitted there was a problem with the service. To make up for the confusion, the company is offering an apology in the form of free points.

We are hearing reports that is handing out 1,000 point gifts. However, there are some who say they received less than that, like 500 points. Judging by some user accounts, it is possible Microsoft is doubling the amount of points lost during the downtime on Saturday and Sunday. So, some users will see 1,000 points, but possible more or less, depending on how many were lost.

To claim the reward, users can log in to their Microsoft Account, head over to your Rewards Dashboard, and click the ‘earn' button. A Sorry message appears in Bing images that automatically loads the gift points to an account.

If we consider that 1,000 points is the gift for everyone, what can you actually spend it on? Not a lot is the answer, but if you already have accumulated points, the gift will add to that.

Microsoft Rewards

Formerly known as Bing Rewards, the company transitioned the service to Microsoft Rewards in August. Previously the service allowed users to accumulate points through Bing Searches.

This is still a way to earn, but Microsoft Rewards also gives points for other things. For example, users can gather rewards by using the Edge browser, and by also purchasing products in the Windows and Microsoft Stores.

Every dollar spent equates to one points, but of course, one point does not equate one dollar. To make it easier to see and access a Rewards account, Microsoft debuted an Edge extension for the service in November. The extension allows users to see how they are earning points in real-time, see their status, and have access to early offers.

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