Microsoft Rewards add on in Edge official

The extension is accessible directly from the address bar of Edge, where a pop-up shows all the details from your Rewards account. The description of the extension highlights three key features:

  • “Clearly see when you are actively browsing – So you know when you’re earning points.
  • Easy access – Quickly access daily offers and quizzes to earn additional points.
  • See your rewards status – including points balance, daily points earned and progress towards a redemption goal.”

However, there are a couple of requirements for the extension to work properly. You have to sign into the Windows Store with your Microsoft Rewards account to be eligible to earn bonus offers. Also, the extension only works when you sign into your Windows 10 device with your Microsoft Rewards account.

Still, only US residents located in the US can sign up for Microsoft Rewards. So far, there isn’t any indication about widening the service to other regions. You might however use a proxy or VPN service to access Microsoft Rewards from outside the US.



Making Edge more attractive

For those unfamiliar with the service, Microsoft Rewards is a way to get rewarded for a number of your daily activities. These include searching, browsing and shopping with Microsoft for which you earn points in the process. You can redeem these points for movies, music, games, apps and more.

The service is a continuation of Bing Rewards, which was launched in September 2010. The switch was announced in August this year, introducing some notable changes as lifting the age restriction, replacing credits with points and different membership tiers.

With the Rewards program, Microsoft is looking to increase Edge’s browser market share. The extension is available for installation on up to ten Windows 10 devices. You can download it here.