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Bing Ads Advertisers Will Soon Have Bots to Help Optimize Their Content

With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, Microsoft plans to bring bots for Bing Ads customers to manage their content.


Bots are coming to Customers in the near future. David Pann, general manager of Bing, disclosed this in an interview with Search Engine Land.

According to Pann, every customer of Bing Ads will get a virtual account manager. The account manager will be able to recommend various optimizations to improve performance. This will all be done through machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots and standard messaging.

sees those technologies as an important part for campaign management in upcoming years. Pann states that a group of Bing advertisers also welcomed the idea of letting an algorithm optimize their content. He says that they are starting to work on an overall account management from which they will begin automating lots of back office and billing capabilities.

Extending The Capabilities Of Bing

Microsoft is always working on making Bing and its other products smarter, such as integrating Power BI with various Microsoft services. Connecting Power BI with Bing can help advertisers to take benefit of large data pools and to solve complex questions.

Pann sees Machine learning and Automation as an answer to numerous possibilities that can occur during a search. He believes that, “people are realizing there's so much to do and some of this is so labor intensive. You know, I no longer have to be the person who owns ‘fly to Boston cheap' versus ‘cheap flights to Boston' and the thousands of permutations that can occur.”

Bing's market share has been rising steadily over the last years. The inclusion of the above features will surely attract even more advertisers. The future of Bing appears bright, in spite of ´s ongoing dominance.

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