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Cisco Incorporates Artificial Intelligence to Bolster Security and Firewall Protection

Cisco AI Assistant for Security is a new suite of cloud AI security tools, including the Cisco AI Assistant for Firewall.
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FTC Expands Authority to Scrutinize Artificial Intelligence Applications

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has expanded its investigative powers into the AI sector, enabling it to scrutinize marketing claims and algorithmic fairness.
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Artificial Intelligence Power Consumption Could Match a Small Country’s by 2027

Amid global sustainability priorities, AI's high energy and resource demands raise questions about its future growth and acceptance.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) Host to Windows 11/10

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Host is a new Windows 11 and 10 integration that brings AI similar to Microsoft 365 Copilot to local functions.

Microsoft and Korea’s SK Announce Strategic Partnership on 5G, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft's memorium of understanding with SK Telecom is not legally binding but will align strategies and collaboration across a number of evolving technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Research Results in Autonomous Drones

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, almost any drone can become fully autonomous and can create 3D maps from the air.
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Intel Announces Focus on AI with Unified Artificial Intelligence Business

In an announcement, Intel says it is bringing its various artificial intelligence divisions under one new umbrella, called the Artificial Intelligence Products Group.
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Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook Form Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society wants to use AI to benefit society via research and open discourse.
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CaffeOnSpark: After Microsoft, Facebook and Google also Yahoo Open Sources Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

The web giant is just the latest tech entity to show off its open source AI engine, with Flickr benefitting from CaffeOnSpark’s learning ability.
Microsoft CNTK vs Theano vs Tensorflow vx Torch vs Caffe official Microsoft

Microsoft challenges Google by open-sourcing its artificial intelligence software

Microsoft has released CNTK – its open-source deep learning AI toolkit on Github, keeping up with Google, who open-sourced its very own artificial intelligence engine TensorFlow last year.
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Microsoft Researcher Urges Science Community To Deal With Risks Of Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s leading researcher, Eric Horvitz and Thomas Dietterich of Oregon State University have written a viewpoint column advising researchers to focus on the challenges...

Microsoft Researchers Find “Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence”

The researchers argue that OpenAI´s GPT-4 system may be the first step towards achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI)
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Apple Introduces Apple Intelligence With AI Across iOS, macOS, iPadOS

Apple Intelligence uses on-device data processing to provide highly personalized experiences across the company's ecosystem, including iOS, macOS, and the newly introduced VisionOS.

Microsoft LongNet Delivers Billion Token AI Transformers, Pointing to Potential Super Intelligence

Microsoft LongNet is a new research project that increases AI tokens to over one billion, drastically expanding the learning capabilities of AI models.

Meta AI Project Gives Robots Eyes through Artificial Visual Cortex

Meta Platforms says it has developed AI that can replicate the visual cortex and sensory movements by studying videos of humans.

Klick Labs Unveils AI Detection for Audio Deepfakes

Klick Health has found a way to analyze voices in a manner that’s so granular, it can tell whether it's a person or an artificial intelligence-powered machine.

Google’s AI Work Driven by Competitive Fear, Ex-Employee Claims

Scott Jenson says Google is feeling pressure as it plays catch up to OpenAI in the artificial intelligence industry.

Microsoft Unveils the Power of Security Copilot to Combat AI-Powered Cyber Threats

Microsoft says that its new Security Copilot can protect against a new era of artificial intelligence threats.

Microsoft Battles Cybersecurity Issues on GitHub with AI Solutions

In response to growing security concerns, Microsoft has turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to safeguard its popular software-sharing platform, GitHub.

Google DeepMind’s GraphCast Emerges as a New Contender in Long-Term Weather Forecasting

Google DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model called GraphCast that can generate ten-day global weather forecasts in less than 60 seconds.

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