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Microsoft Azure Monitor Launches to Improve Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Azure Monitor provides a way for Windows Virtual Desktop users to better manages virtualizations of the Windows platform.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Finally Gets MSIX App Attach

MSIX App Attach is now available for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) in public preview after missing a recent update.

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop Receives New Features

Microsoft has detailed changes to its Windows Virtual Desktop, including new security and deployment improvements

Microsoft Brings Windows Virtual Desktop to General Availability

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop is now available to Azure customers on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and the web.

Microsoft Brings Windows Virtual Desktop to Public Preview

Windows Virtual Desktop is moving from private to public preview, available to Insiders on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Microsoft Explains How Windows Virtual Desktop Will Maintain Partner Interest

With the upcoming launch of Windows Virtual Desktop, virtualization tool developers may be feeling obsolete. Microsoft and Citrix have announced partnerships will be ongoing when WVD launches.

Windows 11 on Mac: Parallels Desktop 17 Now Have Virtual TPM Support

With virtual TPM, Windows 11 VMs running on Parallels Desktop 17 are now fully supported on Apple’s M1 Mac devices.
Featured - How to Reset Windows 11 (Normal or Factory Reset)

How to Reset Windows 11 or Windows 10 (Normal or Factory Reset)

We show you how to factory reset Windows 11 / Windows 10 using both Advanced Startup Options and the OS's in-built Settings apps.
Featured - How to activate the Windows 11 touch keyboard and on screen keyboard

How to Open the Windows 11 Touch Keyboard

We show you how to open the Windows 11 touch keyboard, while also covering its layout and visual customization.

Windows 11 Cloud PC Lands on Windows 365 Business

Microsoft’s Windows 11 365 Business cloud PC is now available for Windows 11 with support for the Microsoft Graph API.

Microsoft Debuts Windows 11 Enterprise Virtual Machine

Microsoft’s new virtual machine for Windows 11 Enterprise allows non-Windows 11 developers to test their software on the new platform.
Featured - How to Sync Your Desktop PC with Google Drive (and Google Photos)

How to Sync Google Drive and Photos with Windows 11 or Windows 10

We show you how to sync Google Drive with your desktop PC using the new Google Drive for Desktop app, which offers both file streaming and syncing options.

New Windows 11 Preview Drops with Fluent Emojis

The latest Windows 11 preview build makes changes with Microsoft’s controversial 2D emojis and support for Emoji 13.1.

Microsoft Highlights Benefits of Windows 11 TPM and VBS Features

VBS and TPM 2.0 are mandatory for Windows 11 devices, and Microsoft is now showing what the security features can do.

Microsoft Brings Windows 11 to Windows Desktop-As-a-Service Products

Following Microsoft 365 and Windows 365, Microsoft is now bringing Windows 11 to Azure Virtual Desktop in preview.

Windows 11 Update Tool is Flagging Compatible PCs as Incompatible

Microsoft’s new Windows Update compatibility checker is flagging good PC for Windows 11 upgrade as incompatible.
Featured - How to bypass the Windows 11 TPM 2.0 requirement

How to Install Windows 11 without TPM / with Unsupported CPU

We show you how to completely bypass the Windows 11 TPM check during installation/upgrade or how to bypass the TPM 2.0 / CPU requirement if your PC has an unsupported CPU or just TPM 1.2.

Microsoft Brings Windows 365 Cloud PC to Windows 11

Users of Microsoft’s Windows 365 cloud PC product can now run Windows 11 on the Enterprise version of the service.

Millions of Enterprise PCs Not Compatible With Windows 11, Study Finds

Microsoft’s awful handling of Windows 11 compatibility means tens of millions of installations do not meet current requirements.

Microsoft Relaunches PC Health Check Windows 11 Compatibility Tool

PC Health Check allows Windows 10 users to see if their device is compatible for an upgrade to Windows 11 ahead of launch.