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Microsoft Announces Limited Public Preview of AI-Powered Copilot for Azure SQL Database

Microsoft's Copilot AI is now in limited preview for Azure SQL Database. It helps users write queries in natural language


has unveiled a limited public preview of its within the Azure SQL Database, marking a major step towards integrating AI assistance across its services. The introduction of Copilot AI aims to streamline database management and query formulation for users by leveraging natural language processing. This development promises to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of database operations for a broad spectrum of users.

Features and Functionality

The integration of Copilot AI into the Azure SQL Database introduces two primary experiences within the Azure portal. Firstly, users can now access a natural language feature directly in the Azure SQL Database. By clicking on the “Launch inline copilot” button found in the app's query editor toolbar, users can input their questions or commands in everyday language. Following this, the “Generate Query” button will prompt the generation of a new T-SQL code statement based on the input.

This feature does not automatically execute the generated code. Instead, it offers users the discretion to either run the suggested statement or decline it. Should the initial suggestion not meet their needs, users can input a new natural language prompt to generate an alternative code statement, without overwriting the previously generated code.Copilot-Azure SQL Database-Microsoft

Enhanced Support and Diagnostics

The Copilot for Azure feature extends beyond query generation. It is designed to assist users in troubleshooting by providing suggestions derived from a variety of sources, including public documentation, dynamic management views, Query Store, catalog views, and Azure supportability diagnostics. This comprehensive approach ensures that users have access to a wide range of information and potential solutions, directly within their workflow.

Microsoft has initiated the public preview of Copilot in Azure SQL Database on a limited basis, inviting interested users to sign up for the program through a dedicated webpage. While the company has not disclosed the duration of this preview phase, the move signals Microsoft's ongoing commitment to integrating AI capabilities across its product suite, potentially transforming how users interact with and manage databases in the cloud.

This expansion of Copilot AI features into Azure SQL Database exemplifies Microsoft's broader strategy to harness artificial intelligence in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. As the technology matures and becomes more widely available, users can anticipate further innovations that simplify complex processes and foster a more intuitive interaction with digital tools and services.

Ongoing Expansion of Copilot

Integration with Azure SQL Database marks the latest push from Microsoft to place its generative AI into all services. This mission began over a year ago when CEO Satya Nadella confirmed AI would become part of all Microsoft's services. The AI-driven search tool Bing Chat was the first, later becoming simply Copilot

Since then, Copilot has founds it way into many of Microsoft's main products. Users can choose Windows Copilot, Copilot for Microsoft 365, Copilot for Dynamics 365, Azure with Copilot, and GitHub Copilot. This week, Microsoft has made Copilot a key component of its hardware by leveraging the AI in the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6

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