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Microsoft Expands Educational Tools with Reading Coach Standalone Application

Microsoft launched Reading Coach, a free AI-powered app that personalizes reading practice with interactive stories.


Microsoft has announced the launch of its Reading Coach application as a standalone service, previously integrated within Microsoft Teams. This development marks a significant expansion in Microsoft’s suite of educational tools, offering a free, engaging platform for improving reading fluency. The Reading Coach app is designed to provide personalized reading practice using AI-generated stories, catering to a wide range of reading levels and interests.

AI-Driven Learning Experience

At the core of the Reading Coach application is an advanced AI system capable of generating unique stories based on user-selected criteria such as character, setting, and reading level. These stories are moderated for content quality, safety, and age appropriateness, adhering to Microsoft’s Responsible AI guidelines. The app leverages Microsoft’s Immersive Reader technology to offer an accessible reading experience, particularly benefiting struggling readers. Furthermore, the AI analyzes reading fluency and identifies challenging words for students, enabling targeted practice lessons tailored to individual needs. This approach is grounded in oral reading fluency research and developed in collaboration with reading experts.

Accessibility and Integration

The Reading Coach app is now accessible as a Windows application or via the web, ensuring compatibility across various devices, including Chromebooks. Users can begin by visiting and following the provided instructions.

A Microsoft account is required to access the app, which aims to make learning more interactive through a gamification system and achievements. Despite its popularity among current users, Microsoft anticipates that the standalone version of the app will attract a broader user base. Additionally, the company plans to integrate Reading Coach with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) by the spring of 2024, further enhancing its utility in educational settings.

This initiative reflects Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for educational purposes, providing tools that support teachers and engage students in the learning process. With its AI capabilities and focus on reading fluency, Reading Coach represents a significant addition to the digital education landscape.

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