Microsoft’s Reading Progress is a tool that helps learners access tools to aid their reading fluency. It is available across Microsoft 365 apps to speed up reading learning. Microsoft is today updating the tool to make improvements. Furthermore, the company is also adding its Reading Coach solution to Immersive Reader in Microsoft Teams.

You may think Immersive Reader would already have Reading Coach baked in, but that has not been the case. Now it is becoming a part of Microsoft Teams, it will be available to M365 customers.  

In a blog post to announce new changes to its reading portfolio, Microsoft describes Reach Coach in the following way:

“Reading Coach is a reading practice tool for students that automatically generates individualized exercises based on each student’s specific needs. This new offering complements our current portfolio of tools supporting students in developing critical literacy skills, including Reading Progress, Education Insights, Immersive Reader, and more.”

Reading Progress

It also works with Reading Progress to help learners understand accurate syllabification and how to pronounce words. Furthermore, the two tools help build vocabulary. Now that Reading Coach is part of Immersive Reader, it give educators more features like Microsoft Translate to further enhance the reading learning experience.

As for new updates in Reading Progress, Microsoft says the tool can now measure correct words per minute, their accuracy, and track components of reading fluency. There is now also support for over 100 languages in the feature.

“All students deserve access to tools that are thoughtfully designed to accelerate their growth and development as learners. Today, all schools with an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license can access what’s currently available in Reading Progress for free using Teams Assignments.”

Both announcements will go live during the summer of 2022.

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